Electronic Arts “Medal of Honor Warfighter” Cinematics

Directed By: Jerry O'Flaherty

The cinematics for EA’s Medal of Honor Warfighter game tell a dramatic story within the game experience, with emotional scenes of life off the battlefield. Looking near-photo-real and featuring stunning animated characters, the style deliberately carries a ‘digital’ feeling to keep the cinematics and gameplay experience in the same visual realm. Digital Domain used the same techniques, technology and pipeline deployed for digital human creation on the feature films TRON: Legacy and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – adapting them to meet the faster turnaround time and stylistic requirements of cinematics. The performances of the six actors who played the principal roles were captured in Digital Domain’s in-house virtual production studio, and its artist team digitally reconstructed the actors to create virtual likenesses, animated and lit them. Digital Domain artists also created all of the story’s digital environments and locations, creating a piece that helps gamers form an emotional connection with the characters and intensify their overall experience of the game.

VFX Breakdown