Tron: Legacy

Directed By: Joseph Kosinski

TRON: Legacy began as a 3D concept prototype, envisioned by Disney’s Sean Bailey, producer Steven Lisbeger and Director Joseph Kosinski, and realized by Digital Domain. The now-famous short helped get the project greenlit and primed worldwide audiences for its release. The digital TRON world took shape as Academy Award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Eric Barba and the Digital Domain team turned production designs into fully-realized environments, light cycles, Recognizers, characters, discs and more, in full stereoscope 3D.  Barba was responsible for delivering all 1,565 visual effects shots created by 6 companies on 2 continents for the ambitious global digital production.  Digital Domain’s work enables Jeff Bridges to reprise both of this role from the original film – a now 60 year old Kevin Flynn and the never-aging villain Clu.  Building on the Academy Award winning digital human synthesis work Digital Domain pioneered on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the company developed a completely computer generated CG head for Clu and the system that enables Bridges’ performance drive the CG likeness of his younger self.

VFX Breakdown