Hublot “LaFerrari Sapphire: A TRIBUTE TO THE FXX K”

Directed By: Pierre Michel-Estival

Hublot presents its first animated film, with visual effects that are worthy of Hollywood’s top blockbusters, and starring a supercar, the Ferrari FXX K, and a superwatch, the MP-05 “LaFerrari” Sapphire.  Digital Domain, has helped immortalised this amazing watch on film. The whole FXX K environment has been reconstituted with visual effects. All the images have been animated by a real-life driver at the steering wheel, and the technical features of the car have been configured to provide the most realistic driving experience possible. In a world of computer-generated images, the idea is to offer the public a real experience and realistic sensations. It is an audio-visual experience, as we have created a soundtrack in Hollywood action-movie style, based on the FXX K’s engine.

VFX Breakdown